Huali to participate in the 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition

Huali to participate in the 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition

publish time:2020.08.21
August 20-23, 2020, Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and the 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair was held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an Exhibition Hall).

Huali:We look forward to welcoming you to Hall 3, 3B02.

Shenzhen Fashion Home & Furniture Design Week and Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition is a high-quality commercial design exhibition in China's furniture industry under the guidance of Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association and Shenzhen Fashion Creative Industry Alliance, undertaken by Shenzhen Desai Exhibition Co.

As a successful business exhibition in China's furniture industry, insisting on design-oriented, trend-setting and continuous innovation, the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair has increasingly become a window for the furniture and design industry to know Shenzhen, as well as a strategic platform for international design resources to connect with Chinese manufacturers and for Chinese manufacturers to search for international and domestic markets.

Huali Edge Banding EDGE BANDING

The first domestic manufacturer to break through the German technology monopoly and produce edging products with independent intellectual property rights.
We have the most comprehensive CNAS certified materials science laboratory in the industry.
The company has formed a number of core printing technology systems, including environmentally friendly lead-free formulations, wide-format extrusion and three-roller calendering technology, comprehensive application of water-soluble inks, automatic color matching systems, plasma coating and so on.
China edging industry standard《Edgebanding for furniture technical requirements》(QB/T4463-2013)The leading developers of。

Huali Decorative Panel DECORATIVE PANEL

Huali Decorative Panel, as a leading brand of OSB trim in China, is produced using formaldehyde-free MDI glue, glued with imported triamine paper, with zero formaldehyde added, in line with the European high environmental standards EN300 standard, good physical properties, green; the surface is treated by high temperature and high pressure, realistic texture, delicate feel, comparable to natural wood; the pattern style is manipulated by international top designers, including wood grain, cloth, leather, plain, stone grain-based 5 series, novel, unique, fashionable and beautiful; Huali trim is widely used in door panels, wall panels, cabinets, and won the 2018 annual award of the most popular designer material brand!

Huali Decorative Panel“Not afraid of water, zero formaldehyde, the structure is strong, the texture is true, in the air does not circulate the environment can still be used in private space such as no baby room

The use of Huali veneer in the pilot project of Shenzhen Metro's mother and baby room is attributed to the convenient, environmentally friendly and efficient decoration method advocated by Huali. The entire mother and baby room is assembled and installed. The whole process of dry operation, no noise, no odor, no dust, avoiding the impact on the operation of the subway. Huali trim is not afraid of water, zero formaldehyde, strong structure, texture, etc., in the air does not circulate in the environment can still be used for the private space such as no baby room, for mothers and babies to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

Shenzhen Metro Mother and Baby Room Scene

The perfect combination of Huali Decorative Panel and Huali Edge Banding

CPL Decorative Door Cover Line

Huali Edge Banding Highlights“CPL decorative door cover line products. The product's base material is wood-plastic material, with high surface hardness, not easy to deformation, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-insect, anti-corrosion, environmental protection and safety, etc.; and then combined with the CPL finish (melamine continuous laminate fire board), with cracking, burn resistance, light resistance, flame retardant, good, high surface strength, together to achieve the same color door matching, presenting the best three-dimensional effect!


CPLMain advantages of the finish (melamine continuous laminate fire board):
      Crack and burn resistance, light resistance, flame retardant;
      High surface strength and scratch resistance;
      Strong three-dimensionality, sensory realism, can be the same color as the door.

Key advantages of wood-plastic substrates:
      Dimensional stability, high flatness, not easily deformed, no cracking and bulging;
      High surface hardness, good rigidity, excellent impact performance;
      Flame retardant, waterproof, moisture resistant, insect resistant, corrosion resistant, long service life;
      Environmentally friendly, no formaldehyde, no eight heavy metals, no phthalates and other harmful substances


The perfect combination of Huali Decorative Panel and Huali Edge Banding, creating the beauty of home space, diversified supporting services, combined with a one-stop procurement platform——Hongwan supply chain ( the market interpretation of the profound meaning of the “custom, fine material service providers ”.