Huali's Vice President Xie Zhikun won the "2020 Big Country Material Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

Huali's Vice President Xie Zhikun won the "2020 Big Country Material Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

publish time:2020.10.09
On the afternoon of September 25, as an important part of "2020 China New Materials Capital Technology Conference", the award ceremony of "2020 Big Country Material Enterprise Personality of the Year" was held grandly under the common witness of 300 material people, commending many people who have made great contributions to China's new material industry. New material entrepreneurs who have contributed to the development of the materials industry.

▲"2020 Big Country Material Enterprise Personality of the Year" Award Ceremony <Big Country Material>
Large-scale documentary "Material of a Great Nation" focuses on experts, entrepreneurs, scientists and even ordinary material people struggling in the front line of the new materials industry in China, and tells the story of Made in China in the new era of "a generation of materials, equipment and industry" with a new perspective.

The Material of Great Nation is China's first science education documentary on materials industry. By recording the pillars of the nation and the pioneering spirit of the materials industry, it recreates the arduous journey behind the development of China's new materials industry from a difficult start to catching up with the world's advanced level and achieving great national material.
A pillar of the nation, forged for a great nation! They are practitioners of mass industrialization of cutting-edge materials technology; they are real people who have exhausted their efforts for the development of China's materials industry; they are realists who embrace the dream of a "materials powerhouse" without turning back ...... shouldering the mission, inheriting the spirit of the "The talents of a great nation" have not only built a strong ship to defend the country, but have also formed a broad and powerful national backbone.

Awards Ceremony
At the award ceremony, Chen Xiwu, Director of Jinan New Materials Industrial Park Management Committee, and Li Guowen, Managing Partner of Huayi Venture Partners, presented trophies and congratulated the award winners.

This time, Mr. Hu Zhibiao, Chairman of TD Optical (002632), Mr. Zhang Feng, Chairman of Huitian New Material (300041), Mr. Yang Zhigang, General Manager of Steel Research Nack (300797), Mr. Yang Xinyu, Secretary of CSG Group (CSG A: 000012), Mr. Li Yangde, Chairman of Yi'an Technology (300328), Mr. Shao Yu'nan, Chairman of Tong Yi Co. Mr. Xie Zhikun, Vice President of China National Materials Corporation (CNMC), Mr. Yang Yihu, Chairman of Guanghua Weiye (836514), Mr. Liu Zihong, Chairman of Zoyu Technology, and Mr. Song Weigang, Chairman of Yannai Technology, were awarded the honorary title of "2020 Big Country Material Entrepreneur of the Year".

▲Xie Zhikun, Vice President of Huali (fifth from right)

Xie Zhikun
Born in September 1970, graduated from South China University of Technology, senior mechanical engineer, vice president of Dongguan Huali Industry Co.